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Help with a project

I am initiating ​​a project to record the name of my language in all the languages ​​present in Wikipedia. First, I encourage you to create / improve the article on the Asturian language and, on the other hand, to help me in my project I would need a man and a woman to record how it is said in your language: Asturian . Thanks in advance. - Vsuarezp会話) 2018年11月15日 (木) 21:03 (UTC)

Possible duplicates

Hello! We noticed on Wikidata that you have two articles about “flash fiction”: ショートショート and フラッシュフィクション. Could you please check them and tell us what are the differences? Thanks in advance! Bencemac会話) 2019年4月14日 (日) 13:53 (UTC)

Could somebody take a look? Bencemac会話) 2019年5月19日 (日) 08:13 (UTC)
@Bencemac: Sorry for late response. フラッシュフィクション is the direct transpriction to katakana character of "flash fiction". ショートショート means "short short story" and it is still more popular name in Japan.--Jishinni (talk) 2019年5月24日 (金) 13:56 (UTC)
@Jishinni: So if I understand correctly, these articles are about two different subjects, aren't they? If yes, we do not have to merge them and my question is answered. Bencemac会話) 2019年5月24日 (金) 14:25 (UTC)
@Bencemac: I think we do not distinguish them exactly and the difference is vague in Japanese, so I am not sure they are different subjects. Perhaps we should merge フラッシュフィクション with ショートショート in Japanese Wikipedia because フラッシュフィクション is a substub. Sorry for unclear answer. --Jishinni (talk) 2019年5月24日 (金) 14:55 (UTC)
Thanks for your answer! Merge them if you think that necessary. Regards, Bencemac会話) 2019年5月25日 (土) 11:14 (UTC)
I posted a suggestion in ノート:フラッシュフィクション to merge it into ショートショート. I expect Japanese Wikipedians will discuss on this matter and they will merge them soon.--Uiweo会話) 2019年7月27日 (土) 06:03 (UTC)

I want to give my opinion (but I can't because I don't know much Japanese, and when I tried to edit it was reverted back...) about the articles about Emperor Akihito (上皇明仁) and Prince Hisahito (悠仁親王), because there are a very long family tree that is not necessary in my opinion (上皇明仁#オルターナティブ形式悠仁親王#familytree形式). The reason is simple - it's from 皇室の系図一覧#familytree形式 and not everyone is interested about it; plus, why would we need it if 徳仁, 秋篠宮文仁親王 or any other emperors don't even include the family tree? - George6VI会話) 2019年6月6日 (木) 09:50 (UTC)

Thank you for suggestion, however I recommend you that do not touch articles on any of our emperor family. Please understand the family tree of emperor is still a great interest for most of Japanese people. I bet it is beyond your imagination. --

I think that these articles 方向幕 and 行先標 on Japanese Wikipedia should be merged. I will explain how I found out about them. First, I was looking at the "Destination Sign" article on Wikipedia but I wanted to see the Chinese article (just because I sometimes like looking at it and know a bit of Chinese. But I still have better English than Chinese skills) but saw there was no Chinese version linked. Now, because I was curious I tried to click another language version to see what it looked like (I think it was the Japanese version. I don't speak Japanese). It turned out that not only was there a Chinese version linked, there was also 3 other languages versions linked that the English version doesn't link to. So I went on Wikidata and wanted to add links to 4 language corresponding pages (Danish, German, Dutch, Chinese) to the English wiki page "Destination sign" but couldn't because they are already linked to "Destination Sign" (with the S in Sign in capitals, which isn't a Wikipedia page currently). So I requested for the "Destination Sign" (capital S in Sign) to be deleted in Wikidata. But I was told that the Japanese articles must be merged first and got sent a link here and was told to ask for help here. I looked at the two different Japanese pages using Google Translate, and they look like they can be merged. Can someone please help me with requesting the pages to be merged? Thank you very much! (As I mentioned above, I don't speak Japanese. I speak English and some Chinese) Hkbusfan会話) 2019年6月25日 (火) 07:44 (UTC)

Please see
Checkmark この節の議論は終了しており、過去ログ化してかまわないと思います。そうでないとお思いの方は、ご自由にこのテンプレートを消して発言をつづけてください。プログラム会話) 2019年8月15日 (木) 11:09 (UTC)

An Internet Provider editor on English Wikipedia has stated that Harry K. Fukuhara's full name should be Harry Katsuharu Fukuhara and not Harry Katsuji Fukuhara: see [1]. The references on English Wikipedia do not confirm which is correct, so the middle name and the whole Japanese name have been removed from the English article. An internet search finds "Japanese Americans: The History and Culture of a People" on Google Books which has an article on Harry Katsuharu Fukuhara on Page 121. Please could a Japanese speaking editor check Japanese sources and update the Japanese Wikipedia article and if possible advise on the correct Japanese name for the English article. TSventon会話) 2019年8月13日 (火) 10:23 (UTC)

Thank you very much for quite important information. I added other sources including a Japanese one to yours and have edited the middle name as the sources show in both Japanese and English versions.--Ryota7906会話) 2019年8月13日 (火) 21:17 (UTC)
Many thanks, the article is now more accurate and much better sourced. I see you have not changed the Japanese name 福原克治 in the Japanese article, is the name correct?TSventon会話) 2019年8月14日 (水) 10:26 (UTC)
Yes, 福原克治 is correct.--プログラム会話) 2019年8月14日 (水) 14:50 (UTC)
Japanese kanji (Chinese characters) in general have several readings and could have much more when they are for proper nouns. His given name is 克治, and the name itself can be read as Katsuharu, Katsuji or many other different forms (although Katsuharu and Katsuji seems to be more frequent than others). So you will often see that the kanji name is correct but the reading is wrong, which is the case here. --Ryota7906会話) 2019年8月14日 (水) 22:55 (UTC)

Hi, guys! St. John Providence Health System (セントジョン・プロビデンス・ヘルスシステム) had its name changed to Ascension Michigan, and St. John Providence Park Hospital (プロビデンス・パーク病院) is now known as Ascension Providence Hospital, Novi Campus.

I would like to move the entities to their new names and provide sourcing about the name changes:

What complicates this is that I cannot find the spelling of the new name in Japanese materials: "Japanese Program" still refers to the system as "セントジョンヘルスシステム" and the hospital as "プロビデンスパーク病院"

Thanks, WhisperToMe会話) 2019年8月16日 (金) 16:36 (UTC)

Question on how to obtain information from pages 286 and 287 from the 1971 book "日本人メキシコ移住史"

@Zerabat: Dear JAwiki users, I am highly interested in obtaining Nihon-jin mekishiko ijūshi (日本人メキシコ移住史; "The History of the Japanese Immigrants in Mexico") by Minoru Izawa. The citation here:

  • "Minoru, Izawa〔ママ〕, Nihon-jin mekishiko ijushi (The History of the Japanese Immigrants in Mexico). Tokyo: 1971."

Page 225 of the same book says the info is in pages 286 and 287.

The claim in question sourced to this book is:

  • "However, one Japanese source estimates that roughly 80 percent of the Japanese were forcibly relocated to Mexico City with the largest coming from Baja California.11"

Thank you, WhisperToMe会話) 2019年8月20日 (火) 01:36 (UTC)

CiNii had the record here: specifying the title as "日本人メキシコ移住史" (published 1971), attributed to 日本人メキシコ移住史編纂委員会.

I'd really appreciate it if someone figures out how to find this. WhisperToMe会話) 2019年8月20日 (火) 01:41 (UTC)

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